Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome home seester!

We had a welcome home party at my mom's house just recently for my sister, who just came home from being in Uganda since January of 2009. It was such a fun time, my mom and dad have such a great backyard. She and her friends made it glorious. She has outdoor lamps and white lights hanging up and a was so cozy and nostalgic and just delicious to me. Good times with good friends, ahhh.

Here's something that should make a comeback in mass proportions...Big Wheels. It's tricky to find one, I tell ya. There's just nothing quite like a Big Wheel, especially on a slanted driveway with an older cousin to give you a good starting push. And check out the backdrop btw, isn't that background beautiful, thumbs up to a great backyard Di.

Hannah was rocking her handmade Ugandan dress and propeller bow

The eldest and I had a knock down drag out about the outfit. He has like four really cool African outfits but he REFUSED to wear them, I wrestled him to just try them on. Then my lightbulb went off that he could just dress up as an African animal. Ha. I still dressed him festive and he didn't even see it coming. Boom. Roasted.

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