Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dress up

Lately we are wild, hee hee, about dress up. Zeke is LOVING superheros. We recently went to a friend's birthday party where you were to dress up like your favorite animal. Hannah was a tiger by default, but Zeke did choose to be a leopard. Seemed kinda random to me at first, but then again he is a big Tarzan fan. Nothing says animal like homemade animal shirts.

The little tigress

They both had little tails, I wish you could see them in this picture. Can you believe my mom found a leopard/cheetah tail and mask!? Who knew?


Zeke was loving being able to freely RARRR whenever he wanted

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  1. I love all of the pics!! Seems like ya'll had a great time at Sesame Street Live show and I can't wait to take Parker next year!! Love the last pic with you and your precious little ones!! :)