Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Go Anywhere Girl

This post goes out to three yr old Hb...our fearless daredevil. She cracks us up. She has so much energy, yet she is not hyperactive. She is not shy, but she doesn't mind doing her own thing and being by herself. At the same time, she is entertaining. She's funny, smart, and above all, agile! She is flexible, brave, and strong. This little super-gal is something else!

No, she doesn't wear glasses...this is just for funnies

 "Yo, Hb, you coming up here?" I think Uncle Zuk is a lot of the reason why she is adventurous. Thanks for pulling it out of her, Zuk...not to say there was much pulling involved, it's more like a "monkey see monkey do" sort of thing.

 Just a little boost....

 There she is! She wanted to sit up on top, of course. 

 She is mid-air...long jumping the clouds

We love you fun Hb!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!!!

Today is the day we celebrate our nation's birthday, we remember the sacrifice men and women have made and are still making to keep this wonderful country free, we go BIG on the food, the fireworks, and the red, white, and blue. Well, people, those aren't the only things we go big on on this national holiday because in the black natural hair world we also celebrate....National Afro Independence Day...."Fros on the Fourth"! Yeah! We are partaking in this day because I want our beautiful Hannah Belle to be proud of her hair and all that God made it to be...curly, kinky, nappy sometimes, puffy, coily, different, beautiful, gravity defying, coarse, soft as lamb's wool, and perfectly her! We want our kids to love their hair and so we say, Go Big Hannah...rock that big beautiful hair! Happy Fourth everyone! 
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free! Galatians 5:1 
 As my sister and her African friends say, Be free!!

I was gonna take just one picture, but the picture taking turned out to be a usual.
 "Smile! Come on y'all those are fake smiles. Think of something funny."

 Good job Hb, that's the spirit! Zeke: "I don't like smiling. I don't like being shunny (funny)."

Zeke: "I'm grumpy." Uh oh. Good job Hb. Totally unaffected by grumpy dwarf.

"Hannah Belle, give me your best Zeke face."