Monday, May 14, 2012

some of our May days...

 Sprinkler time is back in full effect!

 It's the Wonderpets vs Buzz Lightyear from Star Command!

 There's the strong-woman holding on the plastic bat and being swung around and around...go head Daddy
 I'm impressed by both of their feats of strength quite frankly

 Away they go!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

a year of finality

It has been a year that Hb has finally become a Mize. What a sweet time, remembering what Father did for us. From the beginning, before we even knew of her existence He told us we would adopt another and that He would fight for that child, that we were not to fear because He would go before us into battle. And He did. It was a fight for sure. I'm amazed when I remember what He did for us. He gave us peace through the storm, He gave us supporters on every side who encouraged and lifted our family up, He gave us extra measures of faith, He gave us a strong truth to hold on to, He gave us hope and with that hope came an expectancy of Him to show up and show out. All He told us to do was praise Him through the battle. The battle was for His daughter, His favored daughter. He has battled for her from her beginning and I have seen He won't give up or let down. It doesn't matter what the odds look like. He keeps up the fight. And He gets the victory.
What I remember as I write this is that He does that for Hb and has always been her rescuer, her faithful, vengeful Daddy, but He's like that for me too. He has set out a warning to any opposition not to mess with His girls. He is that Daddy sitting on the front porch with a shot gun daring any one to mess with His sweet girl. He is strong and fights for me. He fights for my freedom and has WON the battle for me. I have become a daughter, just as Hb is a forever Mize, and I get all of the benefits of a daughter of a perfectly good Daddy. Isn't He sweet? He is a great Dad.