Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sesame Street Live

"Heeeelp. I stuck." literally her words, verbatim.

Sooooooo, excited to see Elmo!

"Elmo, wherw aw you?" I really like three year olds, they say and do funny things.

Look at Hannah Belle, she's looking at Zeke like, "How are you so calm and happy?" I asked her if she wanted to sit with Zoe and she said, "Nope." She reluctantly gave in to peer pressure.

The look of sheer delight and squeals of excitement made me so happy, it made us laugh out loud to see them in such bliss!!!

EVERY time Elmo would come on stage, she would point like this and stick her legs straight out like boards and squeal like a high pitched dog whistle.

I was BEAMING ear to ear the whole show, myself. It was as much fun as I remembered having as a kid. I had a "senior moment" as Prairie Dawn came out and Zeke leaned over and asked, "Who's that? What's her name?" Come on! She was big stuff back in the day!

I love these two pics! Look at that happy face! When we were leaving, I asked Zeke what his favorite part was and this is what was said,"Danshing wif Pweh-wie Dawn. What was on her head?" "That was a headband." "Oh. She looked like a pwincess and I was special." So, he felt chosen by a princess, that's stinkin' adorable.

Waving goodbye. Look at that curly head.

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