Sunday, September 26, 2010

rare family talent

I only wish this video could capture how very funny these two were singing in the lake.

Tiger weekends

Where's Waldo?

Give us a RAR, Zeke!!!

If I could just get him to open his eyes wider for pictures

"I hep."

How nice of Batman to share the treats with the youngin'

This makes me think about our good friend Mark Ables and his love of Rice Krispie treats warm and gooey right out of the mixing bowl; Mark, buddy, you have a kindred soul.

Just sitting down for a little reading with Jesus

His first eraser painted paw

Man, he was PROUD of it! He cried that night when he realized it was gone...

...and on the other spectrum, she is TICKED. Look at her glaring at me!

Just in case you didn't get a good enough look at the scowl.

How does one sleep like that at a loud touchdown scoring football game? It's not like it was the fourth quarter, this was taken just a few minutes after kick-off!

Early Sept pics

Hannah wears this scarf sometimes...I'm trying to get her used to wearing something on her head while she sleeps, it doesn't stay on for long, but she thinks its fun and it sure is cute!

And of COURSE Zeke won't be outdone with a Hannah getting to wearing a spiffy scarf, thus:

Awww, that's sweet.

Sike. Hannah smell my feet!

"ha, ha!! I am sooooo funny! I am soooo your typical older brother!" Notice her left hand though...yes, indeedy, it is reared back to give him a swack!
And he wondered what had happened? Silly boys.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ahoy Matey!

"...would you believe that just right up the street we found Larry's pirate ship? (although there was no identifying sign or name telling us that it was indeed Larry the Cucumber's pirate ship, there was no fooling Zeke, who wore his Larry pirate shirt to boot, and shouted as soon as the ship was in sight..."It's Larry's pirate ship!")"
This above is quoted from my cousin Jessica's blog. We had a SUPER short visit down their way, they took us in, fed us delicious pancakes, and then COMPLETELY entertained the kids! It was GREAT! Jess and Mike know what the Zeke man likes as they took us to a Pirate Playground.

Note that dad is not holding her. This girl has abs of steel...she'll try to do a pull up on anything.
From Jess: "Hannah saw these "big girls" on the tire swing while their daddy was pushing them. She stood and watched and kept getting closer and closer with this obvious longing in her eyes saying "me too." So the dad picked her up and put her on there too and off the 3 of them went swinging and spinning, and spinning, and spinning, and giggling to their hearts' desires..."
Then we laughed and laughed as she tried to walk a straight line.

Holy Big Picture Batman! I don't know how to fix that nor how it happened.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Party People

Now who could of done that?

We've been busy celebrating this month with Gotcha' Days and a happy birthday to Zeke. It was fun to have Mimi and Papa George coincidentally be in town for Zeke's Gotcha' Day. It made it really special to have them and my parents over to celebrate. He really got into Gotcha' Day this year which made it even more special for all of us.

I wish this picture had a voice, because the one in the picture was saying in a high- frequency- freak-out tone, "Hep me! Hep me!"
Yes, those are flustered brows

Looking a Zeke's Homecoming book

Sand and Such

Something came out of Hannah's mouth yesterday and I did a double take and said, "Surely she didn't just say that. It seems too early." Nope. It's one of those things that's KIND OF endearing at first, but quickly becomes annoying. It went something like this, "You can't have candy right now, Hannah." Her response..."Why?" (Except it came out high pitched with a shrill) She has said it a gracious plenty today and every time I think, "21 months. Seriously?" Unfortunately, I guess, many times I just give the coin answer, "Because I said so." That kid cracks me up. If only I could have that attitude in the daytime when I want to go B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Di and Grandaddy gave Zeke a sandbox for his birthday and it has been super fun. Hannah is especially thankful and loves getting sand any and everywhere.

For as miserable as she looks here, you'd think she wouldn't want to go face first into the sand again, but alas, she keeps at it. Yesterday I looked over and she had just dumped a mess into her densely curled hair and was in the process of scooping a cupful into her mouth. Needless to say, I quickly figured out why that poop diaper was so gritty this morning.

Something's not right, right? We'll give him an A for effort in
trying to get those undies on the not backwards way.

Yeah, he's still really into Larry-boy and all various characters in all shape, form, and fashion of a certain animated cucumber

mmmm, nothin' like suckin' on raw corn on the cob. seriously. it's so yummy.

Awwww, that's sweet...Dad's buzzing Zeke's head.
UNTIL, you see what they were REALLY up to...

Are you kidding me? I don't think so Dad. Not yet. Instant punk in a superman suit. When he's in elementary school we'll talk, but for now he's THREE and adorable with that hair high and tight.