Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A long time coming

Yes, this has been a long time coming. Two and half years or more, actually. It's a poem I wrote, you see, and I've been nervous to put something I wrote, you know something that was intentional and from the depths of my hearts, onto the blog. But my friends, the time has come. I think it'll be good for me and it's been on my heart to do it for over a year and I've just shied away from it, so here goes...

If I was a doctor would You love me all the same?
A teacher, preacher, executive,
Would You give me any other name?
If I moved across the ocean blue to spread Your name’s great fame,
Or settled in a safe suburban town to stand upon Your claims,
Would You love me deeper, longer, truer,
Or compare me, remind me that I must be a doer?
No dear Father, Your word speaks loud and true to my heart,
I’m not what I say or do,
But what I am in You, I’m written on Your heart.
I am a shining star,
A beacon of light,
Your glory rests upon my head.
You’ve sealed me in and hold me tight, never to leave my side.
In day, in night, when I don’t measure up,
When I’m weighty with humility,
You lift me up in the palm of Your hand,
Breathe life and hope into this dry and weary land.
In You there is no measuring stick of who and do and go,
But only love, mercy, and grace
To be, and see, and know.
If I would just remember these truths all the time and not let the annoyances of life fluster and frazzle me. Ah, but life does happen and when it does I am anything but the child adopted and grafted into a good Father's perfect love. But isn't that glorious, too, that I can be reminded to just stand back up. I've had to remind myself of that a lot lately; get back up. It's the last part of our armor...remembering to stand (Eph 6:13). My identity is not about what I do, it's about whose I am. I will try to remember that today.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. You're a real trooper.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach time!

I don't know whether its the +100 degree heat index or what, but I just don't know what to say these days! We're sizzling over here! And wouldn't you know the pool pump and pool vacuum decided to go out just when we needed them the most. However, on a happier note, we did steal away to Wild Dunes in June with my family and it was fun times.
Here's a glimpse into that fun time...

Now that's a Christmas in July miracle...everyone is smiling and at the camera, too!

Twinkle toes cracks us up.

Some boys conveniently dug a huge hole the previous day and my sister found a long board and Oila! A pirate ship complete with a plank is birthed. That hole brought many hours of fun to my kids.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kids R Funny

Jessie and Woody are back! For a limited time only of course, because about ten minutes after this picture Jessie pee'd in her shiny red boots. Well then.
She's at it again! Climbing and hanging around!

 Kick hard little fishy! Z's been really into swimming in the pool sans swimmies and with his big eyes wide open under the water. We got to get some goggles for the man-cub!

I wondered why Z wanted his belt outside with him one morning, but just thought he'd put it on as his Superman belt or something. As I poked my head out the back door for my routine kid-check I noticed the little fellow found a smooth stone and wedged it under the strap. He'd just begun to whirl his belt in the air three feet from the glass door when I yell out, "STOP!" And then I actually asked "What are you doing?" His response, "I'm David and I'm gonna shite Go-why-ush." Funny  little character we've got on our hands. I love that kid.