Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Retreat and Reunion

We had such an amazing fall vacation/reunion with friends last week. Chris' college friends have become my friends, too, and I just love them all. It was so much fun to veg out with them last week at Lake Hartwell just minutes from the Clemson campus. Zeke had a playmate all week long which felt magical, Hannah was a ham and supplied much entertainment, I got to hang out with girlfriends that I don't get to see nearly enough, Chris got to play ball in Littlejohn and golf with his buds, what else can I say? We laughed hard and ate a lot of Break and Bakes. Good times. There were way too many pictures from the week so I picked a few to highlight the fun times that were had.

If only Uncle Zuk could throw him higher

The Botanical Gardens in Clemson are SO, MUCH, FUN. Even if you don't like Clemson, crazy as you are, you would like this. So much to see and explore. And so many good pictures to take!

MY SISTER CAME HOME FROM UGANDA!!!! Woo hoo! After almost two years we welcomed her home, not to mention she met that dear niece of hers.
See what I mean, what a great week we had!

We ended the week with a tailgate reunion in Clemson with Chris' buddies. So crazy to see your kids and college friends' kids playing together. My, how the years pass quickly. Sigh.
I even got to see a few of my college friends and their offspring, look at this cute little Ellie playing in the Liriope with Belle. That's Monkey Grass for all you who didn't take that Horticulture class.

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