Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shenanigans etcetera

Goodness knows we've had our share of shenanigans lately. It's like whatever I say not to do, they do, for crying out loud! In an attempt to stay positive in this moment I'll chalk their disobedience up to curiosity and in that case, my what bright children I have! My nerves are shot today, I'll save the endearing "I love being a stay at home mom" post for another time.

What part of "Don't play in the water" and "Don't play on top of the sandbox" isn't clear?

Don't let that adorable quivering lip fool you.

I don't mind the kiddos getting dirty, it's fun to get cruddy in the mud. I get that. HOWEVER, this scene took place right behind the pool and what you don't see is Hannah playing in the pool pump hence all the mud.
Note: the pool pump is not dangerous, just not a fitting play place

Notice that orangey splotch around the hairline... Carolina red dirt. If there's mud that close to the hairline you better believe there's dirt IN the hair, too. Dirt and sand in those curly locks do not fare well together...seriously, atleast a week later we were still scrubbing out a gritty head. It's definitely not boring figuring out how to manage her glorious hair.

Who cares if it's low 50's outside? If you're covered in dirt from head to toe,
sounds to me like you need a good hosing off.

Anybody out there recognize this? Whoopsies. I'd like to blame this on the kids, but it seems I'm the one changing diapers around here. So yes, that is what happens when the item below gets thrown into the wash cycle. Perfect illustration for the term "Swoll up".

Onto a more cheerful side of my psyche, here's Zeke the Wonder, donned in cowboy attire, cape, and skullcap and below an adorable fire fighter.

And lastly, here's Zeke in the toilet. Pure to the tee Tomfoolery.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Spiicy!

I know, we're terrible. Actually, I will place all blame on my groom, whom is notorious for testing accuracies of the Scoville scale on young palettes. Bless her heart.

Zeke's First Rollercoaster

Zeke's first rollercoaster with Mom at the Magic Kingdom. Love how my hands go down to grip the bar before Zeke's do. Don't be fooled by that panicky face...we rode it three more times after this one.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disney World

Ahhhhh. Disney World. Now THAT was a fun trip. We were nervous the kids were too young (Z 3.5 and Hb 2), as people tend to give lots of advice surrounding when to take your kids to DW for the first time. Well, I'm glad we listened to our friends, because we had an amazing time. I would go back RIGHT NOW. At the drop of a hat I'd pack the car up with a dozen costumes and enough stuff to stay in Central Florida for a month. Seriously, it was a fantastic vacation for our little ones. I mean, we definitely had to mold the trip around their needs, the adults way outnumbered the kiddos, we stayed in a house with plenty of space, we took breaks from the park everyday, picked our battles very carefully, and had to remind ourselves (i.e. myself) to reeellaaax all the time, but it was worth it. Because of all the dog-whistle pitched squeals, exuberant hand claps, starstruck look in their eyes, ear-to-ear smiles, and car rides jamming to Tarzan's "Son of Man" we will make this a more frequent vacation and thusly we will go through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University because Disney ain't cheap. I only posted a handful of pictures because it overwhelms me having to go through all of them for this blog. If you want to see more, bring yourself to the house.

Some fave moments:
Zeke tipping his Woody cowboy hat to Princess Tiana when he first met her
Zeke not wanting to wear his Buzz costume to meet Buzz because "that's HIS outfit, I'll just wear his shirt"
Watching the kids experience the magic every time a parade rolled through the streets
Riding Splash Mtn with Liss, Chris, and Zeke...oh yeah, he said Sixty foot drop I'm ready for you! I mean he didn't technically SAY it, but his actions did.
Laughing HARD with my sis Liss
Soaking my aching tootsies in the hot tub every night
Coming home with a tan in the beginning of February