Sunday, October 31, 2010

We heart costumes

This has been a fun day. We went to see Grandaddy, Di, and Ya Ya Yee (Alissa) and then to a Fall Festival with friends, and of COURSE Zeke's been talking about dressing up for the past 24 hours. I secretly ordered a Buzz and a Spiderman costume, because he kept going back and forth on what he wanted to be. Looks like someone's getting a Spider Man costume for Christmas! Zeke was in hog heave in his costume. He really wanted to wear it to church, but we draw the line, oh yes we do. I'm sure he'll be in the thing all week long. Zeke was bummed when he realized Hannah was going as a flower, he protested that she was supposed to be Jessie, as in the Yodeling Cowgirl. Nope.

That's hystarious.

This is what preceded this face: "Zeke, make your best Buzz Lightyear face." Hmmm, looks like What choo talkin bout Willis/Evil eye = Buzz Lightyear. Who knew?

Somebody's excited about candy!!! And velcro chin straps!

Sweet little Hannah is good at pulling her face, especially at picture time.

Happy happy Zeke, I mean he's dressed in an awesome Buzz outfit, has a cup filled with non-watered down juice, just ate vienna sausages and cotton candy with his bff coleman (yes we eat viennas and sometimes cheer for them, shame me if you must), rode a hayride, and finished the day off with a ride home in his very own rocket seat.

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