Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daily Life

I just realized I've had back to back gross posts. Sorry about that, maybe things will get less disturbing around here, but not likely.
What that what.....yesh.Yes, it is poop.
That particular day Hannah had a super sandy hour in the sand box and was getting her scalp micro-dermabrasioned, I mean her hair washed, and apparently was so relaxed she left a little fecal matter in the tub. So, here's where it gets funky. We got home that night and were going upstairs and I noticed a stanky smell, but figured Zeke forgot to flush. To the bathroom we go and start to brush Zeke's teeth and I look around to the tub and say, "Why is there POOP in the TUB?! Who put that there?" (Oh, the things you say when you're flustered) And Zeke answers, "Hannah did it." "When did she do it?" "When you was washing her hay-yer." Glory. I should be used to this with her, this ain't her first tub poop, yet every time it's just as gross.

A handful of dizzie dummies; in reference to WipeOut, not slamming three year olds

Jessie: "I told you if you climb up here again I'm gonna stick my fingers up your face. Next time it'll be this here red crayon."

Woody: "Are you just gonna stand there?"
Pretty much. Look. I feel like a broken record most days. We get plenty of battles around these parts, sometimes they just need to work it out and walk it out, DJ Unk. Natural consequences, that's what we'll call it.

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  1. I really love you and really want to see you and those kiddos BAD. And this post made me laugh a lot b/c little E has decided to poop in the tub several times's my least favorite thing ever.