Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I hate mice

Yes I do. They are so violating. They make you feel dirty, they are dirty, and they make things dirty. Sick. I am gun-shy to get into the pantry because my overactive imagination pictures him jumping from behind the can of beans and onto my face. The cake carrier is still out on the oven because I don't want him to scurry out as I am cramming the carrier back into its rightful place. Sheesh! Our first (and free) act to terminate him was a turquoise cube of death (or poison) my mom gave us...put it out and the mouse will come a'nibblin' and then will go back to where'st he came from and die peacefully. Well, just a little while ago I was getting some tupperware out and thought, hmmm, are those sprinkles down there? Turquoise sprinkles? Nope. Turquoise turds. Now that's just nasty, yet I laugh. Little did we know it's not a cube of death, but apparently Turquoise Delight. Little house mouse, you will not win!!!!


  1. Oh how you make me laugh! I would like to hear you read this in person next time I see you! I can only imagine how much funnier that will be! Just name him and make him a pet :) Virgil! That is a great name! Good luck!

  2. Oh girl - The fastest I've ever moved in my life was when one scurried around our kitchen when I was 8 months pregnant w/ Alison...The worst part was that he violated the bag of Lays that I was craving. Give that cube of death a little more time to work its turquoise magic!