Sunday, August 29, 2010

One year with Miss Belle

Though according to the law our Hannah isn't TECHNICALLY a Mize (the adoption isn't finalized yet), we are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY/ "Gotcha Day" with Hannah! It amazes me that a whole year has gone by since that little munchkin came home. What an overwhelming and exciting time for all of us. The poor little dear didn't know WHAT was going on. Praise the Lord she did attach to us very quickly and her big brother attached to her immediately. I look back a year ago and have a mixed emotions. It was so exciting and fulfilling to bring home Hannah and it was miraculous and a deep God moment (two weeks previous we'd been in a terrible accident and God MIRACULOUSLY spared my mom, Zeke, and my life and we were pursued in this adoption story and it seemed like Hannah was dropped down into our life quickly from the heart of the Father). The sweet thing had been in many loving and PRECIOUS people's homes and hearts yet never had the chance to grow deep roots in one specific home or family. Our lives turned upside down and inside out, and though it was and is to date the greatest challenge of my life, it is one I'm thankful we've gotten the chance to have. Our Hannah came to us with noticeable delays and is now, I feel, advanced! She is a true miracle baby, her name means "favored one" and I believe it. Hannah's complete story from the womb is a miraculous story and reminds me of God's great love for her every time I think on it. What a testimony to God's love towards Hannah and the power of stability! She counts, she jumps, she climbs, she has a crazy strong core (and I mean her abs), she LAUGHS (we waited about four or five months for that one), she talks, she runs fast, she swims...if we could only get her to EAT more!! I've quoted this before and I'll quote it again:
"He knew we needed her." -Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables
He did know we needed her. I know I did. She has helped me to tackle so many flesh issues, she has helped me to see God's love for me, she has pushed me to strengthen myself in my identity in Christ and my completeness in Him, the Lord is truly healing me through her (and Zeke), she has made me stronger, she has softened my heart for orphans, she has helped me see the calling on my life and the responsibility God has entrusted to me by choosing me to mother her tender heart. We are blessed to be called Hannah Belle's mom and dad.
"You could have picked anybody, God, but you picked me. Thanks." -Veggie Tales

Bless her heart. She looks so sad here. I love the look on Zeke's he concerned that she's sad or is he thinking how pretty she is? Who knows!

This was one of the most beautiful pictures of God's love to me. To the left are Candise's supporters and to the right are our families. Candise, Hb's birthmom, wanted to dedicate Hannah to the Lord and to us at her home church. What a beautiful site.

"I do dat."

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  1. Sweet blog Katie. Thanks for sharing so much of your heart and your family with us! You rock! So does Hannah Belle! love b