Thursday, August 19, 2010

Watch out LADY!

Maybe there's been a time you've been following a lady in a minivan and she's being granny-slow rounding the bend and you just want to scream, because YOU have places to go and people to see. Maybe you feel that she is being a bit TOO cautious in that minivan. I thought of that lady today. Maybe she's being slow, not because she has a Baby on Board, but because she has children in the back seat with Doodle-Board Pros and every time she hits a Bots Dots or a minor imperfection in the road or ACCELERATES at too fast an RPM, her preschoolers proceed to burst forth with frustrations and shrieks. Maybe proceeding with a little extra caution will lessen the tension level in her upper back. I mean, maybe. Maybe she's just anal.

(NOTE: In no way am I implying that I have a minivan, as I relate to the lady in that commercial in ONE way in that thinking of driving a minivan makes me cry myself to sleep at night.)

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