Monday, August 16, 2010

Gotcha Day Anniversary!

Today is Zeke's GOTCHA DAY! "Gotcha Day" is the anniversary of our children coming home to us. Some people celebrate the day the adoption is finalized, but we celebrate the actual day the Lord brought our chosen children home. It is a super special day to us. It makes me emotional thinking about it. Three years ago today, we drove up I-85 to an attorney's office and met Ezekiel Jackson, our strong and uplifting son, and left changed forever. It is amazing and intense on so many levels. That in Zeke's case, we learned of him and brought him home in under 48 hours, that God CHOSE Zeke for Chris and Katie and that God CHOSE us for him, that we get to participate hands-on with what the Lord does with us as adopted children, that God let us in on His plans and let us have Zeke. We are so blessed. Out of all the people in the world God could have chosen for Zeke, He chose me. That blesses me to tears. Today, I'll put my frustrations, irritations, bamboozlements, and complaints aside and soak up this story. Now, tomorrow's another story, but for now I celebrate! Yay God!

Our first glimpse of Zeke

I love the look on Zeke's face. He's like "what the heck am I doing with these two?" He looks so ticked off. Ha!! I specifically remember calling my mom and sister about five minutes before this photo and saying, "He's so beautiful. He's the color of...a fudgesicle!"


  1. Happy, Happy Gotcha Day!!!! Beautiful photos Katie. I know those emotions! Yay God - the perfect Matchmaker!

  2. Tears!!! What beautiful pictures! The joy in your faces is undeniable! I love it!