Monday, August 2, 2010

Today is the day...'s Zeke's BIRTHDAY-YAY! Can't believe this handsome devil is THREE today.
I'm thinking about the shenanigans that make me smile now, though they made me crazy when they happened, and about all the things that come out of my mouth in effort to put the brakes on perhaps another "kids will be kids" in:

"Zeke, don't put Lightning McQueen in the mixer!" or "Don't put McQueen in the toilet!"

"Zeke, don't pull on Hannah's head when she's hanging upside down!"

"We just don't play in the toilet, its unsanitary, that's why."

I love this kiddo, all of him. He's passionate, imaginative, energetic, carefree, dramatic, affectionate, strong, and all around heart stealer. I mean I know I'm his mama and all so I AM a little biased, but my heart is LONG GONE to this little boy. Here's to our first heart baby, picked out just for us and us for him. Yay GOD!

He's gotten good at tucking in his upper lip to give a shiny white CHEESE, eh?

That's right, three fingers, man!!

That's one sweet ducky


  1. Happy, happy birthday from the Woodards! Love the new blog look Katie!

  2. Happy Birthday Zeke!!!
    We can't wait to see you again in October!
    love, the Ries family!!