Thursday, August 12, 2010

the peanut gallery

After a trying day, there's a couple things I look back on that add a little sparkle (humor, laughs, etc) to what felt BLAH and irritating.
(NOTE: Hannah is counting down the days until crisp mornings arrive so she can wear her princess crown slippers without getting sweaty, stinky, Gouda-factory feet)

The sparkles include this dialogue:

Zeke:"OWWWW! Daddy, I have a wi-bwair-wee on my elw-bow."

Daddy:"You have a library on your elbow?"

Mom: "No, he has a RASPBERRY on his elbow." (Also known as carpet-burns.) Some just comprehend Zekaneise more proficiently than others I suppose.

More sparkles include, except this was more like just plain humor, because there's nothing sparkly about poop. We should learn our lesson this time, that after-dinner swimming is just not the best thing for our family, as our youngest dear daughter has impeccable digestive functions. Needless to say the pool is currently being shocked and the water hose turned into a Bidet (aka French toilet) for Hannah. This is ATLEAST the third time the words, "Everybody OUTTA the pool!" have been uttered in the last few weeks.

Superman is even sweeter when mom gets it from a super cheap consignment

Lest anyone judge me, save it. I learned my lesson. Never leave the cortisone cream out where little hands can administer it themselves to their bug bitten faces.

That's funny, huh? That's how the lightweight "swims" around the pool. Toes up.
Around and around she goes.
Sure he doesn't need goggles, he doesn't even know how to stick his face under and use them as goggles, but he likes them and we like him in them. He DOES know how to make a fish face and that should count for something.

Some people use tranquilizers, some people use Veggie Tales. Whatever.


  1. I love it!!! Katie, you are such a great mom! God knew exactly who to entrust them with :)

  2. of course i could eat it all up, but the toes up in the pool by hannah is amazing. so cute!!


  3. We use Veggies too! It is like magic in my house.