Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Up her nose

I used to love to listen to one of Sinbad's comedic stories where his daughter shoved an entire box of raisins into her nose. It was so funny and at the same time made me shudder to think of all those raisins up that small snout! Flash forward a handful of years in a house on Brown Rd. Look at that sweet little face...she's so cute and cuddly, kind of like Curious George...

...why does one think it's a good idea to put things up their nose? "Hmmm, look at this piece of string. This looks like it'd be a perfect fit for my nasal passage. I'll just try that out and see if it fits. Wow, that really itches up there and it sure makes me sneeze alot."
I turn to look at Hb and how is the first thought that comes to mind is, has she put something up her nose? One quick look and the boxful of raisin story comes back and I laugh a good laugh as I pull the string out, with tweezers, a string that felt like it kept coming and coming and coming. I wish you could've seen Hb's face as I pulled it out. Hilarious.

I mean, its not like a shoe string long size piece of string, but when it's shoved up a tiny person's nose, it ain't no sewing thread.


  1. I pray my kiddos never stick something up their nose! It makes me cringe to think about it!!!! :)

  2. Oh girl...when he was little, Brian's brother stuck a cinnamon tic-tac in his nose during church. His mom thought it was just a nosebleed & couldn't understand why he was shrieking with pain! hehehehe