Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's talk about hair

Sometimes I get the feeling like Hb's hair just isn't growing...
but then I remember we started out like this:

So, really this is something:

I am learning not to focus on length, but hair health. Her hair is coming in even (her bald patches are filled in), her hair is thick and I think, pretty healthy. I get asked a lot how I'm learning to fix her hair and that sort of thing. I read a lot of blogs. The ones I follow the most are on my blogroll. Those girls are GOOD at doing natural, curly hair. When I see a lady's hair or her child's hair and
I like it, I ask about their hair routine. We've even got a routine of our own.

We make our own deep conditioner (a mix of shea, coconut oil, aloe vera, honey, EVOO, and a good conditioner) and do that every two weeks or so, and typically our big "doing hair day" is Friday. We wash, usually just with conditioner, and style on that day. Since Hb's hair is so short, I have to restyle during the week, but it helps knowing I have a plan and I stick with the same hairstyle I put in on our "hair day." Her hair is too short for me to do elaborate braids and stuff, so we stick to what is easy. There's nothing that pulls my trigger more than spending an hour fixing her hair, only to have it covered in sand, dog hair, or just come undone b/c she's a typical two year who loves rolling around on the floor. I'm not willing to give up on the above typical two year old fun things, so we stick to easy-to-maintain styles.

The above is funny now, but it sho wasn't then.
Do you know how hard it is to get all those little hairs out? Makes me shudder to think about it.

We love free that's not put into a typical protective style like braids or twist, etc. They're easy and I can do them over again during the week. They fit her sassy personality.

Look how long her hair really is! Those curls really shrink up, don't they?
The above is one of my favorite things to do with her hair. Two strand twists. They are easy and cute. After having them in overnight or even three to four days, we take them out and get another cute twist out hairstyle:

I love that I get to love my little girl by loving her hair. It's such a special thing in her ethnic culture and I really feel honored that I get to participate in it. Here's to natural hair!!!

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  1. I just found your blog, Katie! Your babies are so beautiful!! So excited to keep up with you guys now!