Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bunkbed birthday

The Zekester did indeed turn four this week and for months he's been asking for a bunk bed...I might have planted that seed there. I always wanted bunk beds growing up, especially the ones like Willis and Arnold had on Diff'rent Strokes which were perpendicular to one another. So, Sunday afternoon Zeke's bed "went to the doctor to get fixed", a half truth which alleviated his tears as he did not understand why daddy was taking his bed away.
There was nothing but smiles the next day when he walked into his room to find one super fun bunkbed loft. (The people we bought it from built it as a bunkbed, but set it up as a loft to maximize space since we don't HAVE to have room for two yet.) He climbed up top and exclaimed, "I'm so up here and the carpet is so down there!"

He started out on the top bunk, but thirty minutes after we put him to bed he was boo-hooing that he was scared to be up so high. Off came the couch cushions and he slept on them underneath the top bunk. Nevertheless he and Hb, too, think they are great fun and they make such a cool fort. He's happy and so is 8 year old Katie.

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  1. I love bunkbeds too! What 'chou talkin about Willis?!