Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What to wear, What to wear?

For a kid like Zeke, Halloween brings a big dose of indecisivement. What is a boy to wear when playing dress-up is his favorite pastime? Well, the answer is, he chooses lots of things...

Here he chose Spider Man and gives us his best Spider Man face

Here, with his sassy 85 year old great grandmother, he chooses Iron Man, or as my grandfather said in all seriousness and confusion, "Who is cast-iron Man?"

Here, for his school wide dress up day, he chose Woody which worked out fabulously since his close friend chose Bullseye, unbeknowgst to us.

Here, Zeke chose Super Man to protect Strawberry Shortcake, atleast that's who she says she was. What a cute pair!

Super Man and his best buddy "Cole-Man". The dynamic duo!

Go Strawberry Shortcake down that slide made for big kids!

Hannah didn't QUITE make the cut, that's what happens when you take
pictures in the dark on a hayride.

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  1. They are SOOOO CUTE! i can't wait to meet them in person one day!