Thursday, October 27, 2011

Road Trip!!

A few weeks ago we were able to drive up to PA (Philly area) to visit some very dear friends and "on the way there" Chris conveniently went to the Clemson/Maryland highscoring-win by the skin of our teeth-football game. Here's some blips from our trip...

We pull out the DVD players for long trips and it puts our kids, especially Miss I-didn't-blink-for-eight-hours, into a trance. Thank you library for your free DVD's, Backyardigans for keeping our two year old most happy with your upbeat, theatrical song and dance, and Fast Food playgrounds for your germs and energy burning climb-upons.

This is what I enjoyed for hours upon hours. It was DELIGHTFUL. Chris listened to Sports Talk and I read Jane Austen while gazing at the Shenandoah Valley in all its mountainous, pastoral glory. Pure autumn delight for this gal. Indeed Virginia is for Romantics.

Uncle Zuk took us to Ben Franklin's Science Institute! Thank you!!

That place was serious fun...even with one very cranky four year old...

I LOVE Philadelphia.

And I LOVE farms.
Uncle Zuk took us to this great apple/pumpkin/Christmas tree farm and it was good for the soul. The scenery was beautiful. I missed going to SkyTop in NC this year, but this TOTALLY made up for it. No crowds and maybe even more festive fall nostalgia. The only thing I could have lived without was the huge Elk hanging on the wall that crept up on me.

Mr. Cranky Pants

These were her apple babies she found on the ground. She didn't eat them.
Just held them and talked to them. Sounds kinda weird, but it was cute and very Hannah.

There's the smile!

So funny... "You are now entering the CRUM CREEK BASIN. We DRINK this water."

Oh no he didn't. Uncle Zuk encouraged Hb to climb up on the railing by herself,
using the swing as leverage, then jump off like a flying squirrel.

And lastly, what would be a complete trip to Philly without Zeke being able to see his dearly beloved Liz. In all sincerity, we love these people and it fed our souls visiting with them.
Thanks Malvernians for refreshing the Mizes and giving us a boost!

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  1. What a beautiful family! It looks like a great trip!! We're taking the babies tomorrow!! Blog to come!!! :) I'll make sure to link it to yours so you can get some views too!! :)

    *New Follower*