Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creative Christmas Countdown

We are ATTEMPTING to get our craft on this Christmas. EmPHAsis on the ATTEMPTING. I am totally addicted to Pinterest and love trying out the things I find on there whether it's recipes, crafts, clothes, or going to my "HA!" board when I need a good laugh. I found this blog via Pinterest that sends you easy crafts to do with your kids during Christmas time. This sounded like a good idea for me since I am trying to spend more intentional time with Z and Hb since "the Moose" has come home to us.

 So here's our first one: cute little gingerbread men decorated by the kids...

A sparkly princess one and a Ninja Turtle one...ha! I love it. 

 I told them to go stand behind their gingerbread people, so she did! That's funny. And yes, that is a Santa suit Zeke is dressed up in. 

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