Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Creative Christmas #2 and just plain Merriness!

 I have been wanting to make these for a couple of years and just haven't gotten around to it until this year. Cinnamon applesauce ornaments. I made them when I was in first grade and they still smell cinnamony! So we did it! It was super easy, festive, and our house smelled amazing. Here's Hb helping roll out the cinnamon dough...crazy how applesauce and cinnamon are all you need for the recipe. Note Zeke in the background eyeing a bag of Red Hots. We are addicted to them around here!

Here's our finished project! 

What do you think Linc?

 I love how the kids are so into Christmas this year. I love that Zeke was so eager to help decorate the tree and asked all day to hang the star. I love that our tree is full of fun Hallmark ornaments and that the kids think they are so very fun and hang them in clumps at the bottom of the tree. 

 My fabulous sister did something really wonderful for us this year. She made an Advent ornament set for us. Each day we open up an ornament that she made with one of Jesus' names on it, read a verse, and hang it up. She made 26 ornaments in all and they are all so wonderful! I have such an amazing family. 

 The Joy Boy happily looking on

The Moose is four months old this merry week! I cannot believe it! It's just going too fast! I could just eat him up. He is so very yummy!

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  1. Totally impressed with the craftiness!! And I think your sister should sell those advent ornaments on etsy... I would totally buy a set!