Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Seriously. It's just a great time of year! This week has been glorious! The warm sun and the gentle autumn breeze. Ahhhh. It is so refreshing. And part of this being the most wonderful time of the year is football season! Going to Clemson is good for my soul. It's such a happy feeling seeing scores of people all around in ONE ACCORD, wearing the same colors, having the same hope for victory! All are cheering for the same thing, whooping and hollering for the same goal, encouraging and yelling out 'atta boys when the players need it most! My blood is pumping harder just talking about it. There is such a spiritual parallel here...and if you want to think I'm bonkers for comparing Clemson football to the Kingdom, go ahead and call me crazy!! There in the stadium we have one goal, we jump up and down in celebration, smiles spread across our faces in sheer joy, we yell so loud we lose our voices because we know EVERY voice matters! It does my body good to remember we are born to replicate the passion in the Saturday stadium into the Sunday through Fridays, too.
I don't have a good transition sentence and naptime is almost over, so onto a funnier note...

Look at those happy faces awaiting a FUN family Homecoming Saturday...note foreshadowing...

Doesn't that look like FUN...apply foreshadowing now. One minute in the stadium and I had complete regret on bringing a two year to the game. Not so fun.

She has no idea how much her daddy loves her. He is reading a princess book during a football game. Sure, it was a time out, but still, SERIOUS points for dad right there.

Good Tiger face there hero!

This is the stance of a man getting ready to catch a field goal kick. Cup in mouth, check. Knees bent slightly, check. Boxing out four year old, check.

"My, what a flexible child you have"

In Clemson, "the world is your playground" perfectly applies. Hb became a happy content child once again as soon as we exited the stadium.

Looka' deM-ize (Look at them eyes) in full affect.
That was the name my aunt thought we should have given to Zeke. She makes a good point.


  1. It IS the most wonderful time of the year and it makes me think of.... LAST year!! I keep remembering our fun times last October with y'all and I wish we were there again this year! Maybe next?? Sure do miss y'all!!!

  2. Yes....LOVE the pic of Chris reading to Hannah! She will treasure that one when she is older. :)