Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh say what a May!

Oh May, how I miss your cooler mornings and pleasant afternoons. In May we...

...swung from vines. We saw a lot of Tarzan. You like that orange and pink loin cloth don't you? He has a brown one, too. Characters and costumes are still a daily routine ranging from Tarzan to Larry the Cucumber and any one in between. Make a good solid impression on him and he may pretend to be YOU one afternoon, you just never know.

The brave little lassie doing what she do best

My sister friend, coined BBB by my kiddos, got married to Mr. BBB and the event was more fun than I had always imagined it being. From glowing rings to full moons, the event was a happy one to say the least.

And Hb was the flower girl and a pretty one at that. She was so pleased with the princess she transformed into. I love this picture. At the rehearsal she was hamming it up with everyone and I breathed a sigh of relief that perhaps she would make it down the isle in one piece on the big day. Then the big day came and she clammed up tighter than, well, a clam. Luckily she did make it down, but I was begging, I mean, motioning her down at the other end of the isle. At the reception she put a grip on Chris and me that rivaled the Jaws of Life.
i.e Jaws of Life

Z on the other hand might have enjoyed himself more than the Bride and Groom. He was posing with the life size Justin Bieber cut-out and dancin' with all the available ladies all night long.

Mr. Dashing himself, the hat was his idea fyi.

Hannah was dedicated at our home church on Mother's Day (what beautiful timing) since, maybe you've heard, she's an official MIZE! Woo hoo!
Get this...the white dress she has on is the actual dress she wore to her first dedication way back in August 2008. The day we brought Hb home from Greenwood, her birthmother wanted to have her dedicated to the Lord and to us and this is the dress she wore in that service. It has her birthmother's monogram, my monogram, and Hb's birthname monogrammed on the hem of it. What an amazing thing that the dress still fit her and she was able to wear it again.
I LOVED that.

Mother's Day with my mom and all her babies. Just to clarify... some are my cousins, but the way my mom rolls, if you're her niece, nephew, or one of her kid's friends, you're like a pseudo grandchild. By the way, Chris wear'd your face go?

Remember that feat of strength?

And then we went to the lake. Here's Z with one of his heroes, cousin Charlie.

Happy to be swimming in the lake! Summer heat, maybe you're not so bad after all. If it means long days at the lake, mornings and afternoons in the pool, and weeks to the beach, bring it on with your 100 degree heat!

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