Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What glorious hair!!

Seriously, that Hb has some glorious hair. It never ceases to amaze me. I mean, can your hair defy gravity? My hair sure can't. Though it has been and is quite the learning curve to my only slightly wavy hair, I've come to appreciate textured hair with all its ups and downs. Hb's hair is made up of zillions of tiny perfectly tendrilled curls, so tiny that if not moisturized properly they'll end up frizzy and knotted, and even THEN, we love that glorious hair. I'm learning and studying from those that I think do it well (many of them have blogs listed there to the right) and still have a lot to learn. Cornrowing, plaiting, two strand twisting, parting, co-washing, these words have become normal in our house. I'm the only one who understands it most of the time, but nevertheless they're here. So, here's to you Hb and your cutie curls! Girl, all of your hair is good!

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