Friday, July 8, 2011

Kids R Funny

Jessie and Woody are back! For a limited time only of course, because about ten minutes after this picture Jessie pee'd in her shiny red boots. Well then.
She's at it again! Climbing and hanging around!

 Kick hard little fishy! Z's been really into swimming in the pool sans swimmies and with his big eyes wide open under the water. We got to get some goggles for the man-cub!

I wondered why Z wanted his belt outside with him one morning, but just thought he'd put it on as his Superman belt or something. As I poked my head out the back door for my routine kid-check I noticed the little fellow found a smooth stone and wedged it under the strap. He'd just begun to whirl his belt in the air three feet from the glass door when I yell out, "STOP!" And then I actually asked "What are you doing?" His response, "I'm David and I'm gonna shite Go-why-ush." Funny  little character we've got on our hands. I love that kid.

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  1. Your kids are especially funny!! Love all of that personality!