Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tiger weekends

Where's Waldo?

Give us a RAR, Zeke!!!

If I could just get him to open his eyes wider for pictures

"I hep."

How nice of Batman to share the treats with the youngin'

This makes me think about our good friend Mark Ables and his love of Rice Krispie treats warm and gooey right out of the mixing bowl; Mark, buddy, you have a kindred soul.

Just sitting down for a little reading with Jesus

His first eraser painted paw

Man, he was PROUD of it! He cried that night when he realized it was gone...

...and on the other spectrum, she is TICKED. Look at her glaring at me!

Just in case you didn't get a good enough look at the scowl.

How does one sleep like that at a loud touchdown scoring football game? It's not like it was the fourth quarter, this was taken just a few minutes after kick-off!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Katie... And just so you know I still enjoy a delicious bowl of rice krispy treats hot out of the bowl probably once a month or so... We're looking forward to getting Elliot up to her first game soon so we'll let yall know.


  2. Man I'd love to take Eli to a game, but he wouldn't last 5 minutes. Or he would...he'd just have to do laps around the stadium. :)

    Looks like fun! :)