Monday, September 20, 2010

Ahoy Matey!

"...would you believe that just right up the street we found Larry's pirate ship? (although there was no identifying sign or name telling us that it was indeed Larry the Cucumber's pirate ship, there was no fooling Zeke, who wore his Larry pirate shirt to boot, and shouted as soon as the ship was in sight..."It's Larry's pirate ship!")"
This above is quoted from my cousin Jessica's blog. We had a SUPER short visit down their way, they took us in, fed us delicious pancakes, and then COMPLETELY entertained the kids! It was GREAT! Jess and Mike know what the Zeke man likes as they took us to a Pirate Playground.

Note that dad is not holding her. This girl has abs of steel...she'll try to do a pull up on anything.
From Jess: "Hannah saw these "big girls" on the tire swing while their daddy was pushing them. She stood and watched and kept getting closer and closer with this obvious longing in her eyes saying "me too." So the dad picked her up and put her on there too and off the 3 of them went swinging and spinning, and spinning, and spinning, and giggling to their hearts' desires..."
Then we laughed and laughed as she tried to walk a straight line.

Holy Big Picture Batman! I don't know how to fix that nor how it happened.

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  1. I am laughing out loud (or as they say in the texting world LOL) because I can just hear you saying "Holy big picture Batman!" That is almost the exact words that I said when I saw it....Bananas! Ok anyway, adorable post! I know Zeke did not want to leave! Hannah cracks me up! She is going to keep up with everyone else!

    We hope you guys are doing good! Miss ya! You need to send a funny text soon :)