Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you Chic-fil-Awesome

Obsessed much? Maybe a smidge. Atleast our boy is passionate! So, Bob and Larry were at Chic-fil-A on Pelham and Zeke, and Hannah for that matter, dressed for success. Zeke knew we were going for a surprise, but little did he know it was to see Bob and LARRY! They were both so cute and had a ball. Towards going-home-time I started to get nervous about how we were going to get Zeke out of there without a major meltdown. It just so happened that they were went home the same time we did! Thank you Jesus. Seriously.
72, roughly. What's that number you ask? Oh, its just how many times Zeke asked on the way home if "Larry was going home to go night-night because he was tired?"

Waiting for Bob and Larry to come back out of "the refrigerator", where they went to cool down

Hiding from Larry under the table

Showing some real ownership of Larry, taking him by the hand to lead him around the store.


  1. your kids make my heart melt. Seriously they are so stinking precious and hilarious. I want to go to chick-fil-a with them....and you.

  2. this is seriously the cutest ever!!! how fun!

    sarah mez

  3. these made my night!!! love how they love larry and bob!!