Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Superhero "jernamers"

Jernamers= pajamas for all you who do not speak Zekanese.

Tonight he's Batman, tomorrow night Spider Man will be throwing webs on me.

Oh yes, that's a cape.

Jammin' on the one, Jammin' Jammin' on the one.
Thanks Ya Ya Yee for these FUN African drums.

She looks MISERABLE. I don't think she was, however this picture is trying to tell otherwise. I think she was just so chilled out she didn't know what to do with herself. I'll say this, bedtime's never gone smoother. Too bad I can't zip around the yard on the Toro before naptime every day.

Alas, 16 year olds aren't the only ones that like Justin Bieber.


  1. katie! they are growing up so fast! Zeek looks so big! They are both adorable and I love seeing pics!

  2. that video was EXACTLY what i needed to see to make it through this friday. man, zeke has the song and dance down! love it. every time i hear justin i think of you. he was on idol the other night...did you see it?!

    love, austin (wait, am i austin?...those names confuse me)