Saturday, August 11, 2012

In the blink of an eye...

...the four became FIVE!

In an instant our lives changed. In mere moments our family went from four to five. We are stunned yet overjoyed. On Thursday we left our home in our normal-ish "come on come on, we're late!" fashion to head to an Olympic playdate. Dressed head to toe in red, white, and blue with expectations of patriotic games and snacks for preschoolers. Little did I know, that a couple hours later I'd get much more than the sychronized swinging I'd anticipated. In fact much more than the tricycle racing and USA themed craft, how about a newborn baby!
Around 11:45 at that Olympic Party for Preschoolers, I received a phone call from DSS that there was an African American little boy born on August 7th and we had until 1 pm to decide. He would be released from the hospital by 3:30pm and placed immediately.  Hold up and WHAT?!?!?! Glory. I thought my ears and mind had failed me. The Lord has this track record with us and the month of August. When I told Chris, his first response was, "Well, it is August." Zeke and Hb have both come home in August, in speedy, rapid fire fashion. (In fact today is Z's Gotcha Day! We love you buddy!) I called a dear counselor of mind shortly after talking to Chris and putting my face to the floor and this was her response, "If you ever wait to get all your junk together, you'll never do anything. Enjoy each day for what it is. Live fully in the pain, the joy, the wounds, the healing, the grace...that's all it is anyways. We only get one day and then it's over and you don't get a repeat. Father is in control and you are not, my dear." Well, then. This little girl writing typing this text with a newborn spread across her arms, yes me, has seen that maybe she is more of a controlling little diva than she think she is. What a hilarious reminder that I am NOT in control than to give me a three hour pregnancy. On to the story... my sweet friend let me leave my babies there until my mom and sister could come pick them up and I shot across town to see my Chris at his workplace. I just knew we would know what our answer would be if we could just see one another. And as soon as I walked in that bank, the Lord affirmed what He'd told me on the way there, "What's there to lose? Love this child." We got into the car, Chris crying while I'm laughing and giggling and get this: we talk to the Adoption Case worker and do you know what she says the baby's name is? Christopher. Shut up! Good grief. Does Father have a sweet sense of humor or what? So there's our story. We left the house with breakfast dishes scattering the table and came home in a downpour of literal rainshowers and a two day old baby. Father had really showered our home in more than way that day. He gave us more than we could have asked for. He is redeeming and restoring my heart and the wounds that have dwelled there way too long and I believe He'll do it thru this little chubby bunny. Jehovah Sneaky. Did you not realize that's one of His names? Well, now you do! He is good and is ever mindful of the hidden places of our heart. Know that whether you feel like He's moving in your life or not, He is. In fact, I bet He'll give you a rainshower where you need it this very day just because you're dear to Him. I pray this story is a blessing to you, that you celebrate in our full joy, and that you know that what He does for one, He can do for another...He longs to blow your mind with His sweet and extravagant kindness towards you. Yay God!


  1. crying, celebrating, and rejoicing with you. Love you and the way you love Jesus, your family, and others!

  2. Hi Katie and Chris,
    Thanks so much for allowing us to read your blog! It has been inspiring to read about your life and those that you love. The line of this post about a rainshower was fitting as we drove up the mountain to the orchard while it was raining and we couldn't decide if the trip would be worth it if it rained. But it was. :) As we continue on our journey with Jesus we are encouraged to trust Him-who provides everything we need for life and Godliness.
    God has given you something special.
    Blessings on your fall weekend and we hope to read more as time allows for you to blog. Happy family of 5 to you all!
    Justin and Gi Hime