Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Zeke!

I can hardly believe it! Zeke is 5!!!! Our little guy is imaginative, creative, adorable, loving, expression-FULL, and fun. He sure has my heart. I am the happiest of women that I get to be his mommy...adoption doesn't just bless kids, I believe it blesses parents...maybe more-so! Here's to you Z! May this 5th year be the best of all!


"Mommy, I was shocked when I came out of my room. There is a sign that says, Zeke's 5yr old birfday."

Amazing how a little thing like a plastic banner from the local party store can make a morning!

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  1. Happy birthday Kwazii Kitten from your fellow Octonaut Dashi Dog (Gracie)!!!!