Friday, June 22, 2012

no news is no news

Hello blog friends! So, how about an update on our adoption process...that's probably due. Well, as in the title of this post we pretty much have "no news." We have completed all of our paperwork requirements and homestudy , we are approved by the state as suitable parents, and thus we have been in the waiting process for the past six weeks. We could get a call two days from now or twelve months from now. Sheesh. That's quite the time span, isn't it? The child could range in age from a little bambino to an almost four year old. That being said, there's no way to prepare, so we just wait. Man! Waiting is HARD. I try to not think about it. When I start thinking about my child(ren) I send up a prayer for Daddy to bring them home to us soon and I try to divert my attentions elsewhere. It's easier to not think about it than to dwell on the fact that I miss my children and don't even know them yet! Thank you for your prayers for us and your support of our beautiful "heart family"!

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  1. Amen...waiting is HARD! Praying for you as you wait for your precious new addition(s)!