Saturday, June 30, 2012

have car, will travel

Yes we have a car and we will travel...especially if it means we get to visit the Mazuks in PA and all the rest of our beloved NJ pals. Twelve hours in a car with two preschoolers? Bah! We have fortitude, good cheer, and...

 DVD players. 
Forget those other things. Who needs CHEER when one has a DVD player! They are our saving grace for the long trip NO doubt. I'm going to attempt to sum up our trip without adding a buhjillion pictures. It will be hard, but try I will.

First of all, the drive up Hwy 81 through the Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian mountains is like food to my soul. It is a stunning drive. This picture doesn't do it it's worth of course, but just trust me, the views are b-e-a-utiful.

 Zuk, our tour guide and Host with the most (not to mention his lovely and gracious wife Katie) took us on FUN adventures . We had a picnic and played at a park around the Brandywine River...I think. It was so beautiful. I can hear Hb now, "Wait Zuk, wait for me!" Random note: Have you ever frozen watermelon? It is a delicious snack perfect for picnics. It stays frozen for a long period of time and is delightfully refreshing. Check it out!

 Zuk (pronounced zoo-k) made a handcrafted rope swing which Hb managed to dangle and pull up on...shocker. Seriously, the kids loved playing in the chilly river.

 We got to spend lots of quality time with Dom, one of the funniest people I know, and Liz, Zeke's first sweetheart. We keep trying to tell him she's taken, but he won't take the hint.

 We were able to have LOTS of couple time! This was a fun treat. One of our NJ buddies was married while we were up there and Hostess Katie's parents lovingly doted on Hb and Zeke all weekend while we partied! Love, love Pete and D!

 Look at us so snazzy! Chris sang in the wedding...he's such a songbird.

 We had a brunch with the whole NJ/PA gang at The Pop Shop in NJ. This place was super yum. It looks like Katie and Hb are eating an ice cream sundae, but no, that is a yogurt sundae with homemade granola, fruit, fresh whipped cream, and I'm salivating.

 Zeke had plenty of people feeding his superhero fetish. Not every kid has an 
Iron Man/Hulk illustrated brunch hat.

 Zeke made a new buddy despite the fact that he told Zeke he did not like Clemson, but the Eagles. 

 We made guacamole. Well done Hb.

 We found Superman's long lost sidekick sleeping under a coffee table. 

 We practically made Superman climb up that jungle gym to have a cute picture taken with Dad.

 We watched Hb and Zuk hang upside down from the same jungle gym.That girl is krazy.

 We made Wolverine hands from utensils. Go head Z. That was clever. 

 We had a super fun time with our dear friend Andrea. So glad we got to hang out with her so much.

 We went on a lovely walk through the woods and at the end of the tree canopy out you come...get ready...this might be one of my favorite moments... a scene that matches that of a Jane Austen novel. Sigh. This picture doesn't do it justice. So, so lovely. My heart feels happy just seeing all that green. 

 And here's my second favorite moment. Zuk (Hawkeye) rolling down the hill and Zeke (Cpt America) running right after him in hot pursuit of a villain. So priceless was that scene.
 And Daddy and Hb not far behind them. Her little legs were going so fast! Her legs weren't always touching the ground (as Daddy was holding her hang and galloping), but she didn't mind and kept keeping those legs cranking!

 We went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Look at what a beautiful building the kids' museum was in. Fancy!

 Doc McStuffins in real life

 Ha!! Poor kid. 

 Look how happy she is!

 God Bless America

 The happy couple

And there we have it. A summation of our trip in pictures. We love our PA/NJ buddies. We hate we don't see our dear Mazuks more. We are so thankful for them, for the deep love they pour into our kids, the way they give freely to our family, the fun experiences they share with us, and for their friendship which really feels more like family. The Mizes are blessed.


  1. Can I go next time?! :) Love the pics. By the way, Gracie"s FAVORITE show is Doc McStuffins - We pretend "Doc Mc-Tuffins" alot around here!

  2. Loved looking through all of your pics! Daydreaming about a world where we all live in the same neighborhood... we miss the Mizes and Mazuks!!!