Friday, April 6, 2012


I have mentioned before that we use satin sleep hats around this house on our Lady Belle. If you've never read this or haven't heard me say much about it, you're in luck. We use them to protect Hb's fragile hair from the fabric of her sheets AND to protect her hairstyles. They cut down on frizzies. They keep the moisture we've worked hard adding to her hair to stay IN her hair instead of on her pillowcase. If you're going to have friction with fragile hair and another material, lets let it be smooth satin, not 400 thread count sheets, or worse, the stufffing of say, Minnie Mouse. Here is what may happen when you don't respect the sleep hat...
Oh lawd. Good thing we have some good product around this house! 

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  1. Hilarious!! HB should thank her Momma for her sleep cap and her sense of humor. Love it!