Monday, December 20, 2010

some of our December

Can you believe I didn't take my camera to Hollywild? Good grief. For all of you that do not reside in the upstate, Hollywild is a zoo kind of place that houses all kinds of animals from lions to cows. Some of the animals there are trained for movies and stuff. And at Christmas they string lights around the whole place and you drive your car through...but the BEST part is the "Deer Forest" where you roll your windows down and hold onto your kids by the ankles so they don't fling their bodies out to the animals (hannah) and feed the deer, horses, zebras, za-donk (that's part donkey, part zebra) and mutant cows. And by mutant cows, I mean they are GINORMOUS. They are as tall as our large SUV, seriously. And those mammoth beasts stick their entire heads, heads the size of large SUV windows, into your car to get more stale bread. Its seriously HILARIOUS and will make you want to wet your pants 'cause your laughing so hard and shimmy back to the cargo space at the same time. I can't believe I didn't get it on camera, because I feel like some of you think I'm being dramatic.

We're friends, enjoying life and graham crackers.

Zeke likes to fold his tall body underneath an ottoman...not one of these new large and in charge ottomans that's used to hold toys, magazines, blankets, and beverages...the old kind of normal proportions you'd use to kick your feet up on.

playing in sheet tents

Hannah's hair is on the grow! I've been playing with it, trying to do fun things. Cornrows are so tricky! I am amazed at how women do this. Its LIKE doing a french-braid, sure, except you hold tiny amounts of hair at one time and have to work magic fingers. I will keep practicing. I will not give up. But for now, look at those cute little puffies! It's like a side ponytail gone wild!

Here is Zeke going to play "shootball"...pronounced oo in book.

Oh, and here is Zeke ready for work...

And here is Zeke dressed like a penguin...the bowtie was his of Hannah's ribbons he found and requested to be donned at the neck.

We love the Tom the cat app...Hannah will cackle at that feline. I mean, I love him, too, I'm not going to pretend I don't. I LOVE to make him copy what I say, whether it's an Alvin and the Chipmunks tune or a Lou Holtz impression.

Just contently playing with one of Zeke's new toys. What a fun plane.

After Zeke realized I was having more fun with his new plane than he was.
I'm so mad I could do a split...she really is so limber.

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