Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthweek Hannah Belle

This week Hannah turned two! Crazy, crazy. Happy Birthday to that crazy, sweet, snuggly, funny, well-balanced, almond- eyed, curly- haired cutie!

Deep thoughts with Zeke:
"It's a real movie, but it's not real."

Gross moments with Hannah:
I looked back to her carseat and she looked like she was snacking on something. Hmmm. Then she took her tiny little pointer and started picking at the bottom of her shoe. Hmmm. Then she proceeds to lift her whole foot towards her mouth and lick, lick, lick the bottom of her shoe. I scream stop, she cries. Eww.

Birthday yogurt; get it girl!!

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  1. Happy birthday beautiful Hannah!!!! We love you! The Woodards