Sunday, June 27, 2010

"I know that baby"

It was so cool tonight...let me explain. We had an outreach tonight at Miracle Hill's Shepherd's cream sundaes and a was wonderful. I was sitting at a round table with some women and our Hannah Belle was sitting there too and the lady beside me says, "She looks so familiar to me. I know that baby." Well I knew just what she was talking about. Rewind about a year ago or so. After Hannah's birth mother left the maternity home where she and Hannah lived they came to Shepherd's Gate for a short time. I knew this bit of information all along, therefore bringing Hannah Belle with us tonight was a special thing for me. So, fast forward to tonight... when the lady said she knew her I said, "Yes you do." I told her Hannah's birth mother's name and upon seeing the lady's eyes grow wide and face light up I knew I just blew her mind. What was so dear was when we were leaving, that lady, who in fact volunteers at Shepherd's Gate, and another volunteer stood in the entryway with me and cried telling me how much they loved Hannah and her birth mother and how they had an instant connection with Hannah even though their stay was so short. They'd always wondered what happened to Hannah and prayed that God would let them know.
Isn't He sweet? His providential hand blows my mind.


  1. Chillbumps, girl. The way God is in the details of these little one's lives is mind-blowing! Can you believe we get a front row seat for His displays of glory?!!

  2. Very cool...
    I love y'alls story..and how you live it out!


  3. I'm crying! That is amazing! God is so good!

  4. Hannah's love is one that will never be forgotten. I love her to pieces and I love you all for the awesome family you are!!