Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach Pictures

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Wild Dunes with my family and it was FUN. This was the first year, especially being down an adult with my sister in Africa and being up another kiddo, that there was little sit and chill time on the beach. It took a day to get used to it, but soon enough we warmed up to the idea of constant play in the surf and sun. It was especially fun watching Hannah LOVE the beach for the first time. She would swim in the sand, literally, as you will note below. Zeke was fun and full of himself, it was nice having such wide open spaces for him to play on. We even got to take a day to visit Mimi and Papa at Ocean Lakes. It was a fantastic vacation to say the least!

You'd cry too if your face turned this color with sunscreen

Hannah luh her some Acey, aka my Grandmother

Zeke and Ma Di chilling by the waves


There's that fake smile again

Getting ready to cruise the "strip" at Ocean Lakes with Mimi.

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