Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where are you Thanksgiving?

Just ranting a little bit, but....COME ON where in the world did Thanksgiving go? How on earth did it get pushed to the compost pile!! Whew! I feel myself gettin' worked up! I will not fuss often on our blog, but today I broke. God bless the Salvation Army and all the Bell Ringers out there, but shouldn't they atleast say "Happy Thanksgiving" since it is NOVEMBER 17TH. As we left the craft store the kind man said "Merry Christmas" and I don't know if it was the 10 minute wait in line with two crying kids only to find Zeke dropped the one item we went there for back on isle 47 or what, but the bah-humbug spirit rose up and I just wanted to yell out "And a Happy Thanksgiving to you BUSTER!" Just kidding, I wasn't THAT grumpy, can't you tell?


  1. I love you Katie...and even at your grumpiest you're not too bad. :) I was actually just thinking about about your rant earlier today...I'm with ya sister and I love Christmas. But....you can't have Christmas until you have Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I am with you!!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw on Facebook how a few people were putting up Christmas decorations 2 weeks ago!! I love Thanksgiving and we need to take time to enjoy what the holiday is about! Next thing you know kids will be walking around getting candy and instead of Happy Halloween it will be Merry Christmas! Craziness...rant away, Katie!