Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Fall!!

We had a SUPER fun-fall-festivity filled weekend just before November swept us away and just wanted to share some of the fun. We took Hannah to Sky Top for the first time, but alas, there were no apples left in the trees. My beautiful and fun cousin Katharine Anne turned 18! I just can't believe my girl is getting so old! I'm beginning to understand why all our parents say "They just grow up so fast!"

Oh no! We drove all the way up're getting measured buddy, tears or not!

He's pulling his buddy Mickey the Mouse in that apple basket.

What do you mean there are no apples on the apple trees?

He's reassuring us that there ARE apples.

First Zeke rings the bell...
...then Mickey takes a turn.

Killer boots Hannah!

My SPONTANEOUS (crazy) parents (mom's idea) suited up for the 25 minute convertible drive home in the 40 degree cold. Good one Ethel!


  1. So many things I love about this post...
    1)Zeke's optimism
    2)a tribute to apples (you know how I love them)even if you didn't get any :(
    3)Hannah's boots...nuff said!
    4)and I LOVE MA DI!!!

  2. and I LOVE MR BILLY!!! That was so rude of me.