Monday, November 12, 2012

October was awesome!

So. Here's why I have to keep this blog up. I went to a site called Blog2Print and made all my past posts, up through 2011, into a book. It is such a great keepsake. This blog really is a journal of our life full of little moments. Those little moments just blur into oneness for me until I look back at that book and remember the good, bad, and the ugly times we've been through. It is a space for comic relief during the crazy moments of motherhood where I take note in my mind to take a picture and write about it instead of pulling my own and someone else's hair in point of this is a picture you'll soon see of Hb JUMPING out of a window. Lawd. Without further adieu, to the pictures already, lady!

Look at that cutie! Here's what's so adorable about this picture, besides the adorably plump face in it...

...we made the same shot with Z five years ago! Love it.

 I am not so big on Halloween, BUT we have to do SOMETHING, since Z dresses up 365 days a year. So we go to Fall Festivals and if we go to multiples, Z's costumes are's just so HARD to DECIDE who to be! Hb was all kinds of happy about being a CareBear. Ha! 

 My mom and dad have some super fall fallen foliage...say that three times fast...which always allows the good times to roll. Leaves in the face. Boo-ya. 

 Love those leaves...but NOT in the hair. Ohhh no. That's why Hb has on her hat...protect the hairstyle. Curly hair does not like crumpled crunchy leaves. 

 Yes, here we are again, preparing for another Fall festival, but we have a different Avenger. Captain America AND the Hulk...check out those tiny tattered pants. 

 So pretty. 

 That's not any ordinary wall of  pillows, that's a beaver dam my friends. Nothing says imaginative play like building a beaver dam in the den. 

 How can you make pizza without the proper uniform?! Good thinking, Hb.

 Oh, looka there. Another pair of Avengers. Note the little lady Thor's left eye is ever so slightly puffy. That's because the previous day at the Clemson game a yellow jacket stung her on her temple. For real. Blasted bee.

 The Joy Boy is full of smiles and chuckles. He is YUMMY.

 This is how the little fella and I travel around a lot. I love it and so does he. I love snuggling this little moose.

 Ooooh, nice rock!

 Z purposefully dressed like an apple with the whole green and red thing. Of course he did. He is so themed it cracks me up.

 What's that in mid-air. Oh, that's just my daughter jumping out of a six foot window. No biggie. 

 Waiting in line for those delicious apple cider donuts. They are worth every bit of that 45 min wait.

These two can sure drive me bonkers, but I wouldn't trade my life for any other. I love getting to have them around. They teach me, they keep me centered on the important things like saying I'm sorry,  laughing hard, playing and having fun, and extending kindness whether it's deserved or not. And because of the grace of God, He saw it fit that I get to teach them, too. It's pretty amazing and I am thankful! 

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