Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Give thaaaanks with a grateful heart

Zeke usually shies away from saying the blessing at dinner, but tonight he jumped right in. Here is how it went:
"Handa, hold my hand."
"No, I don't want to hold Zeke's hand."

He lets the rejection from her roll right off...shocking really, then proceeds with this...

"God.. bless our food.......... bless our family.......bless our house, God bless America [you'll want to sing this part] to the oceans, to the city, to the mountains..... to Clemson,...... thank you for those things...what's those things called over there...our cash registers, our beds...Amen."

So funny to me.


  1. No way! He is too precious, love that kid!!! :)

  2. Um if you have cash registers at your house, I'm coming over. I could use a few bucks. And that might have been the best blessing I have ever heard.