Sunday, November 28, 2010

The past few weeks...

The last few weeks we've been...

Wearing lots of Superhero attire, all day every day.

Ruined a skillet by melting this poor ducky on the bottom. He used to be a wisk. Poor guy, doesn't he looked kerflummexed?

This picture is so pretty to me, it helps numb the annoyance of a ruff season.
Yes, I meant to bark.

Looks like the lady folk aren't the only ones dipping their pants into their boots.

Took a trip back to the SC Botanical Gardens with mom and sis. This place is worth a trip to Clemson...come spring you should definitely try to get up there and tromp around...unless you live in like Belgium or something.

We visited The GA Aquarium...SO FUN. Wow-wee that place is so NEAT!!! My favorite part was the huge tank with the ginormous fish/whales/sharks/rays....

My least favorite part of the aquarium. Sticky Goooo! Who knew she would turn that color? I think they used indigo to color that thing.

We, and I do mean "we", played in the crunchy yummy smoky fall foliage.

We jumped off of things, as usual. And this time, by "we" I mean Hannah.

The youngest practiced hanging upside down, played in rotten leaf water, and still can't nail down when to use "yethhh" (yes) and "no" correctly.
A sweet friend gave us a boxful of costumes, so we're really not wearing "normal" clothes anymore. Here is Zeke giving us his best Mr. Incredible pose.

We ate too much and got super sleepy.

The fun people in these last two pictures were the redeeming part of a stink-stank-stunky game. We didn't get near as many looks with that crazy coat on this game as we did last year when Chris wore the same crazy coat and was pushing around a double stroller with two African American kids in it. Ha! I love it.

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  1. I totally laughed out loud 3 times while reading your post. I miss your kiddos and you too of course! And let me go on the record that I would totally come from Belgium to visit the botanical gardens - they are lovely gardens:)