Monday, April 12, 2010

Strawberry Bread

Mmmm, we are loving the Florida Strawberries, hence the making of Strawberry Bread.

He's so happy here muching on berries...

Looks like somebody wanted to attempt the Cinnamon Challenge. And before anybody says I can't believe you let him do that... let me say I told him to leave the cinnamon alone more than thrice, not to mention, "Zeke quit double dipping in the bowl; Get your fingers out of the cinnamon jar; Zeke, put the cap back on the cinnamon." So, when he didn't put the cap on and dumped some in the measuring cup, unbeknowgst to me, I ran and grabbed the camera. Needless to say, there was alot of coughing around our house for the next hour. AKA...No harm was done to any children in the making of this picture.


  1. I love this!! Zeke's face literally made my day. Is it terrible that I think this is great?! Or that I am tempted to let Elliot try this just to see her face? Sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way Zeke :)

  2. SOO funny!! I love it!! :) Miss you guys--hope to see you this week.