Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Larry-boy

Yes, Larry the Cucumber has been spotted at the Mizes. Okay, so Zeke's alter-ego is Larry the Cucumber. He LOVES his Larry costume and wears it often, you know to the normal places...Sam's Wholesale, Family Bookstore, in the driveway pushing Hannah around in the stroller, in the timeout corner. It makes me laugh out loud. And the boy truly LOVES pushing the stroller around, with or without HannahBelle in it. Good thing she really likes the high speed driveway strolls he doles out to her.

How cute is this little sweetie?
She's been getting lots of practice walking around these days...getting more and more bold taking steps!
Thanks for sharing your Larry hat with Hannah, buddy!


  1. Katie, oh my gosh... they are SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!

  2. how old is hannah? she is beautiful!

  3. Oh how I love that little green and brown Larry!! He is such a funny and fun kid. And little sweet Hannah along for the ride :) What neat pictures to show them as they get older. Love to you all!